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Two lectures related to (the work of) A. N. Prior: Max Cresswell: "Semantics before Montague: The Case of A.N. Prior" & Adriane Rini: "A.N. Prior before he met formal logic", 22 September 2016, 14h-16h, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, room 5C402.

Workshop Young Researchers Days in Logic, Philosophy and History of Science 5th edition, 25-26 novembre 2016, au Palais des Académies, Bruxelles.

Workshop Singular contents of thought. Acquaintance and reference, with Susanna Siegel (Harvard University) and Robin Jeshion (University of Southern California), 26 juin 2017, Université de Liège, Espace paysager du Département de Philosophie (7, Place du XX août - 3ème étage).